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Firmware Version: GST1610-X4-1.12
Date: 2022-04-28
    1. Some optimizations and Fixed few issues
    2. Add the function "call forwarding" in local sim mode. 
Firmware Version:  GST1610-X4-1.11
Date:  2021-04-09
    1. Added "Call Records" feature

    2. Some optimizations  and Fixed few issues 
Firmware Version:  GST1610-X4-1.10
Date:  2019-11-29
Optimized the Get Number feature
    2. Optimized  the InterCall feature in Human Behavior page
    3. Security updates
    4. Fixed few issues 

Firmware Version:  GST1610-X4-1.08
Date:  2019-04-25
    1. Added "Network Select" feature in "Carrier" page for 4G gateway, that allows to select 2/3/4G network
    2. The SIP register failture code will be displayed at VoIP status cell
    3. Added "Fixed SMSC Number" configuration item in "SMS" page
    4. For inbound calls, if there is not Caller ID, put "Anonymous" as Caller ID in SIP INVITE request
    5. Some other Optimizations and BUG fixings

Firmware Version:  GST1610-X4-1.07
Date:  2019-03-04
    1. Added "Human Behavior" feature, to minic human behaviors, contains Consuming mobile data, intercall/sms between SIMs
    2. Implement default alphabet characters (7bit) of [ETSI GSM 03.08] standard
    3. Fixed the problem that is accidentally unable to enable a disabled SIM
    4. Some other Optimizations and BUG fixings

Firmware Version: GST1610-X4-1.06
Date:  2018-09-18
Added a feature to backup&restore configurations automatically, in case losing configurations by accident
    2. Fixed the problem that part of SMS content will be missed while forwarding incoming SMS to email
    3. Fixed the problem that CID Forard feature lose efficacy in some cases
    4. Fixed the problem that remain time will not be deducted while the call duration less than 1 second
    5. Some other Optimizations

Firmware Version: GST1610-X4-1.05
Date:  2018-08-09
    1. Open "Remote SIM" feature
    2. Unable to enable a SIM that available resources have been exhausted, and pop up prompt
    3. Added APN configuration page
    4. Some other