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32-Channel 4G Gateway with 4SIM/channel

The GoIP32/LTE-X4 is 32-channel 4G gateway with 4 SIM slots per channel. 4 SIM cards rotating in per channel. It works with DD-LTE、TDD-LTE、WCDMA、TD-SCDMA、GSM and CDMA Network.
  • GoIP32-X4-4G

  • DBL


  • Outbound call from VoIP

  • Inbound call from PLMN

  • VoLTE HD Voice

  • High Concurrency Capability

  • Quadruple SIMs and Intelligent Switching

  • Hot Plug 

  • Bulk SMS

  • Auto obtain SIM Number

  • Remote management

  • IMEI changeable

  • Relay encryption and Saving bandwidth

  • GSM Channels: 32 ports

  • Power Adapter: DC12V/4.5A

  • CPU: ARM11/700MHz

  • RAM: 128M

  • Flash:  8M

  • Max power consumption: 30W

  • Net weight: 2.8KG

  • Size: 44*26.6*4.7cm

  • Operating Tempreture: 0-45℃

  • Working Humidity:  10%-90% non condensation

There are a few variants of 4G LTE networks which are currently deployed in various countries or territories.  

Type C supports the 4G LTE networks in China as shown in the table below.


Type E supports the 4G LTE networks deployed in the Europe, Middle East, Africa, Korea, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Macau. The table below shows the details of the wireless technologies and the bands and frequencies supported.


  • VoIP Protocols: SIP V2, H.323 V4

  • Audio Codecs: g711(alaw/ulaw), g729, g723.1

  • DTMF format: SIP INFO, RFC2833, Inband

  • Packet Loss Concealment

  • Programmable Jitter Buffer: Fixed, Dynamic, Adaptive

  • Network Connection: DHCP, PPPOE, Static IP

  • STUN Server

  • Support English, Chinese

  • Support Signaling encryption

  • Support media encryption

  • Support Media NAT Traversal

  • Support Remote control

The concept diagram below shows a simple VoIP network for call center application.  It consists of a softswitch/IP PBX and VoIP clients such as an IP phone, a call center operator, and GoIPs.  All VoIP clients are configured to register to the softswitch/IP PBX.  For the GoIPs, each channel is inserted with a valid SIM card in order to access the 2G/3G/4G network.  Both incoming and outgoing calls between the VoIP and 2G/3G/4G networks can now be realized.

goip application